Carrosserie Karreveld, recognised by many insurance and leasing firms, has been a guarantee for professional repairs of passenger cars and light goods carriage (< 3.5 tonnes) since 1970. Flawless results are achieved with our team of experts, who regularly attend training courses.

Repairs are always made with original parts, the best guarantee to keep your car in perfect condition and ensure your safety. You can therefore take advantage of at least a two-year warranty in full confidence.

In order to meet the strictest environmental standards, we use water-based car paint (VOC-certified). And thanks to our Smart & Spot Repair solutions, the total repair time and costs are reduced and the ecological footprint is restricted.

During the repairs you can count on a replacement car from our extensive fleet of five-door diesel cars. Automatics, estate cars or vans are available on request. If you wish, you can use our Pick up & Delivery service, at home or at work.

Finally, after a thorough service, your car is professionally cleaned both inside and outside.

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